If you want to explore Vrnjacka Banja Spa, the best way is to ride some of the great fiacres trough the park. Along the river is a promenade with alley of linden trees with a length of almost 2 kilometers. These paths were once drove Desanka Maksimovic, Ivo Andric, Maksim Gorki , Bata Stojković, and millions oftourists and visitors from all around the world and Serbia.You can also  enjoy the silence and the sounds of nature that gives Vrnjačka Banja’s  park.

There is a Japanese garden in Vrnjacka Banja park. It spreads on  3,000 square meters, and  evokes the living culture of the Japanese people to the visitors, and also  enriches  plant stock of the spa park .The core of the garden is a small lake with islets, tea houses, and on the hill a little waterfall and bridge.

The Bridge of Love

One of the symbols of Vrnjacka Banja Spa is  “The Bridge of Love”.

Just before the First World War schoolmistress Nada and a Serbian officer Relja started having deep feelings for each other. Relja  went off to war fought in Greece. He left never to return because of a beautiful Greek woman he had fallen in love with, and therefore broke up engagement to Nada. Owing to overwhelming sorrow she had been fading away day after day and finally died, young and miserable. Upset by Nada’s destiny, girls wishing to keep their own romances started writing down their names along with the names of their lovers on padlocks that they bound to the railings of the bridge which used to be Nada and Relja’s favourite meeting place.

One of the most famous Desanka Maksimovic poems  Prayer for the love inspired by this story.

While you are walking across the bridge, you can see a large number of locks as a symbol of love today’s youth.