The geographical position of Vrnjačka Banja Spa provides its guests to visit the exciting and interesting part of Serbian land, rich history, historic monuments, natural beauty and many monasteries. Whether you are interested in Monasteries of Serbian medieval fortress, high mountains, rivers and lakes, valleys, all this and much more you can visit during your stay in Vrnjačka Banja. There are certainly a large cities in Serbia which attract with its squares and stories from the past.

In this area there are monuments of Raska and Moravas school, most monasteries of Raska Heritage are: Studenica monastery (1196), Žiča (1210), Monastery Gradac (1272), the monastery Ljubostinja (1405), Djurdjevi Stupovi (1168), Sopoćani of King Uros I.

Mountain Goč is full of lush vegetation created by the combination of ideal climate and fertile soil. The slopes are covered with dense beech and pine forests, plum orchards, vineyards and numerous raspberry fields.

The river Zapadna Morava is a real challenge for those who love fishing and refreshments. All visitors of Vrnjacka Banja who love the river and fishing can enjoy in Podunavačke Bare, which are located in the Zapadna Morava, 10 km from Vrnjacka Banja, where large sporting events take place.

Near Vrnjacka Banja Spa is located Aleksandrovačka Župa, famous wine-growing region. In many wineries you can try some of the finest wines.

For lovers of adrenaline, we can recommend various forms of special tourism such as rafting, paragliding, jumping out of a plane, skiing…